Our Philosophy

Life is a breakthrough puzzle game. One of those extraordinary discoveries is when a woman sees herself in the mirror as if she’s come down from a fairy tale, leaving behind everyday worries, fears, hurts behind the shire and a little strangely feeling silently chatting with her image. She likes it, albeit unusual. He’s so lush and vital that he can’t live with him all the time, but to enjoy his magic she craves, though maybe he doesn’t always dare to admit it himself.

We invite you to awaken your intuition, go on a cognitive journey with you, with what inspires you, who grows your wings. We invite you to dare to donate a dress to yourself, without listening to anything, waiting for nothing, not asking for anything. We deserve it. We invite you to choose a dress intuitively, and if you want advice, we will always be happy to spend with you in enchanting conversations.

The dress is a witness to our links. It accompanies us to the most important moments of life, strengthens when we feel unsecured, rears wings so that we can fly and invite ourselves to fly dear people, create protection beyond which we can hide our most secret thoughts or children, timidly turning to the fold when the environment is alien.

The life of every woman is like a legend, full of intertwined stories, arranged in shorter or longer inscensions, various roles complementing each other, partners giving her legend interesting playwright inflections, feelings and dreams, which like the most expensive scents, create an original memorable schleif, props and accessories that give the legend a myth, sometimes long- in length.

“A feminine dress should be like a barbed wire fence: performing for its purpose, but not disturbing the image”- Sophia Loren

The concept of beauty and its consumption are changing, but icons remain icons, nurturing their uniqueness, connection with ancestors, with what is real, what is unforgettable for centuries. A properly chosen dress highlights the beauty of the icon and leaves that image to exist in the epochs. We invite you to go down to pleasant conversations about beauty, dreams.

Little girls are gods, princesses from fairy tales. The indescribable happiness of raising a daughter for mom. See as she grows, unfolds, combed her curls, look for her dresses. V.E.S.N.A fashion specialists will create small and great miracles for your princesses with gratitude and joy to survive the fairy tales.

At the home of V.E.S.N.A, you will be greeted by the magic of whiteness. When lightness dances butterfly dance, the air smells like spring inflorescences wherever you are and it looks like you’re hugging the whole world, kissing every living being. The feeling of a little bit of extraterrestrial, or perhaps not a little, when, in its glowing gaze, it create an incredible light that does not leave indifferent, inviting to believe unconditional feelings and certainty.

We love beauty, love quality, love the details thought out to detail, understand the signs they emit. We love to live every day according to the pulse of the heart, the mood pulsated by our inner voice.

You wake up, wash your face, remember a dream, write it down, wear a dress that reflects the mood and you go into the day. You are well aware that choosing a dress will help in the challenges of the day, if you choose it correctly, so you calmly inspire, exhale, feel the vibrations of the day, and you are already ready with the only, special, dress of the day.

V.E.S.N.A fashion specialists invite you to come to us just without a chance, just for yourself, so that you always have a choice of dresses according to the pulse of the day.

While waiting for you, we write in your diary epithets that arise when you think about the dress, about the woman and her fronds: the goddess of elegance, the refined lady of the classics, the romantic beauty of the meadows, the princess of the wayward, the mysterious creator and many more. V.E.S.N.A. fashion specialists are ready to help each woman in the creation of a unique role.

Every woman is beautiful. To highlight her beauty, a single, incomparable, perfect dress is needed only for her.

V.E.S.N.A fashion specialists adore creating legends. Let’s make them together!