About us

The V.E.S.N.A dress house is like an oasis where a woman embarks on a fashion meditation, gets to know her new self and watches her most secret dreams come true. It is a dress house for fantasies without borders – bright, cozy, waiting for you.
The salon is located in the beautiful center of Vilnius, pulsating with cosmopolitan moods and life. You will be greeted by impressive showcases that speak for themselves and we look forward to hearing your dreams and telling you how they came true.

We love beauty, we love quality, we love thoughtful details, we understand the signs they emit. We like to live every day according to the heartbeat, the mood that our inner voice pulsates.

With us you will find a large selection of dresses, shoes and accessories. Special quality, unseen brands, this is what we want to enjoy together with you.
We invite you to embark on the puzzle of image discovery together, we invite you to trust our professionalism in the most important moments of your life or when you want to create something unforgettable just for yourself, your loved ones.

Our goal is to have more magical discoveries for a woman, for her loved ones to see her radiant, for her to spread charm to the world and invite others to do the same. After all, beauty will save the world! Our goal is to make you happy and willing to come back.